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Congratulations on your admission to GMU! We welcome you to the Indian community at the George Mason University. Please fill the following form in order to get Airport Pick-Up.

* NOTE: The IGSA Pick-up charge from the IAD airport is $35 (It is $28-30 in case you book a Super Shuttle from the airport – Super Shuttle – IAD). We charge $35 because most of the Indian graduate students do not have personal cars and we have to use the same Super Shuttle service to get to the airport from Fairfax. The charge of $35 includes $28 for the transportation and a service charge of $7 for the IGSA representative who will be driving down to the airport. You are required to pay the $35 at the time of pick-up without any exceptions. If you are confident enough to reach your destination all by yourself, you are welcome to do so. We will send the destination address by email.
Note that the only other transportation options from IAD to Fairfax, considering your baggage, are the Super Shuttles and cabs. Cabs cost about $33-37 per ride. Also, pick-ups from other airport will increase the cost.

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