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Congratulations on your admission to GMU! We welcome you to the Indian community at the George Mason University.

Booking Tickets

Once you have decided to come to GMU, your first task should be buying tickets. George Mason University is located in Fairfax, Virginia.  If possible, book them as soon as you decide to come here. This will leave you with ample time to plan other things.

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), is the closest port of entry for you. It is about an hour drive from the university. Please avoid booking tickets to other airports


The safest way to carry money is in the form of debit or credit card. MASTER and VISA debit cards work in ATMs and most shops, though there are certain charges associated with each transaction so please check with your credit/debit card provider about additional charges that you may incur upon usage.

You should also carry some cash for use during your journey and during the initial few days of your stay here. $150 should be a good starting point (carry the money in small denominations).

Before You Leave

Call your airline and confirm your tickets before your travels. Make sure you keep ALL documents in hard copy format. Also, it suggested that you scan and keep a copy of the documents on your email.

Send email to the person who is picking you up as a reminder. Send an email to the person who is providing you temporary accommodation as a reminder so that someone is present in the house when you arrive. Carry a small pocket book with all important phone numbers; Just in case.

You are welcome to give the details of IGSA volunteers (pickup and accommodation) to your family and friends so that they are informed about your whereabouts. In such a case, your family and/or friends must know your official full name (no nicknames please), and the department/program you are joining, your date and time of arrival, etc. Please tell your family and friends that IGSA members are volunteers. We will do all we can to help you. For this, we expect you (your family and friends) to respect our time and efforts.


After you are finished with the Immigration process, you should walk to the baggage claim area to pick up your check-in luggage. If an airport staff helps you with the luggage, you should tip them. So, carry some cash ( reference the money section). You will go through a Customs check on your way out of the airport. Again, just as a friendly reminder, please make sure you do not carry anything that is express forbidden by the US Customs and Border Protection.

Do not panic if you don’t find anyone at the airport. The person who is supposed to pick you up may be delayed due to traffic. In case you had to wait a long time, you can make a phone call either directly to the person who is supposed to pick you up or other IGSA volunteers. Do not call all of them if you are able to get through one person!


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